I've been writing for fun since childhood, and over the years I've played around with several screenplays. In 2014, I quit my day job to fully pursue the art of music and writing.  

I'm fortunate to live in the eclectic city of Portland, Oregon where I am a singer/songwriter with Chasing Ebenezer, a local folk band.

I'm delighted to be married to Ben Sadler, a musician and free-range pastor in the Portland area. Ben and I fell in love playing in a college band; we've been playing music together ever since. 

We are also part of several house churches in the Portland area. I cherish the gift of creativity that our community allows and encourages.

To write well, we must be inspired by other writers. While there are endless inspiring books to mention, Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird earns the distinction of being my favorite work of literature. John Steinbeck is also right up there.