Fame or Love?

This month I've enjoyed two opportunities to be in community with other creatives in Portland, Oregon. The first was an overnight gathering of writers. Sitting together, we took turns relating our experiences and reading original pieces to one another. 

The second event was the Portland New Year Shorts Film Festival at the 5th Ave Cinema. Local filmmakers shared their work with the audience and received constructive feedback from attendees. 

Participating in these events, I witnessed the value that exists when we share art in an intimate setting. This leads me to ask myself, "Why do I create? Do I create for fame or out of love?"

Pondering this question, I've arrived at two conclusions:

  • If we wait to share our art until we are guaranteed fame, we might spend our whole life waiting. 
  • If we wait until our art is flawless, we might also spend our whole life waiting.

But if we create out of love for others and for the art itself, we produce authentic work that touches those within our own sphere of influence. 

Share In Your Own Community

It's relatively easy to create space for the artists in your life. It's as simple as inviting a bunch of friends over and asking them to bring something creative to share, be it a story, a drawing, or a recipe. Sharing art amongst friends brings an intimacy that is missing when it is created for mass consumption.

While we might think we need a gallery or a stage, all we really need is a time, a place, and a few folks to share their passion. I'd encourage you to think of the poets, singers, musicians, painters, and actors you already know. Plan a meal together and take turns sharing what you've created.

You see, I never expected any sort of success with Mockingbird. I didn’t expect the book to sell in the first place.
— Harper Lee