Perfection or Practice?


When I set out to write my 365 Letters at the beginning of this year, that number was significant to me because it communicates a daily practice.

Before I started this project, I recognized that 365 is a lot of letters. While my desire would be to never miss a day of writing, I would likely need a measure of flexibility. The odds that I might get sick or have an incredibly hectic day was a strong possibility. My plan, therefore, has been to double up on letters for those occasional times that I might miss.

Well, this past Saturday was the first day of the year that I missed writing a letter. My husband and I were helping my sister and her family move into a new house, and by the time our evening church ended and I crawled into bed, I had completely forgotten about it.

The next day, when I realized I had not written a letter, my first inclination was to emotionally abuse myself. Words like failure popped up as that achievement part of my personality kicked in.

However, I soon realized what was going on internally and asked myself the question:

"Why am I writing letters to people each day?"

Am I seeking perfection? Or am I developing a lifestyle of blessing people? Is this a law or a way of love?

As I wrote my "make-up" letter, this led me to consider how many other areas of my life would be more enjoyable if I viewed them as practice rather than perfection. I would probably be more consistent with exercise, healthy eating, and creating if I viewed them as lifestyle rather than as a law.

What are the areas in your life that you are developing as a practice? Is this becoming a law or a lifestyle for you?