The Creative Struggle

Sigh.  The words don't come.  Another sigh as I consider the possibilty of completing a work that has no guarantee of success.  

As I was struggling in the development of a recently completed screenplay, I had begun to focus on achieving.  Before it was even finished, I was fretting over the end result of my work.  Would anyone ever buy my script?  Would it ever be made into a film?  What if nothing ever comes of it?

In the midst of this striving, I was making very little progress,  and I wasn't really enjoying myself.  Success began to consume my thoughts more than the art itself.

In verbalizing my frustration to my husband, his gentle response carried a needed correction.  

Embrace the process.

These same words had been spoken to him by a friend several years before, and now they were for me.

photo (1).JPG

For artists, a constant battle rages.  A struggle to create for mere pleasure, while at the same time hoping to share our craft with others.  Content if only our Creator's eyes see it, yet yearning to display the gift that has emerged from our toil.

When I strive to achieve greatness, joy is strangled.  But if I create in order to simply share what I know and feel with those that I love, a flow of inspiration springs forth.  

Letters to Friends is just that - a simple attempt to write for the sheer love of words.  It's an opportunity to share thoughts with people that I care about.

Don't write to be famous.  Create because you love others.  Create because you are loved.