Why Adults Need Field Trips Too

My dreaded nemesis known as writer's block recently paid me a visit. But rather than be defeated by it, I am choosing to reject the lie that there is no more creativity left in me. There is a natural ebb and flow to such things, and I am confident that a fresh burst is just around the corner.

With all that being said, there are times when we need inspiration, a change of scenery, if you will, in order to get our creative juices flowing. For this reason, I am a firm advocate of field trips.

When I think about field trips, I conjour up images from elementary school: sack lunches, chaperones, and a buddy for the day. Some of my best memories of school are of outings with classmates as we explored museums and farms and pumpkin patches.

Benefits of Field Trips

Why should adults take field trips? I can think of a few reasons:

  • Field trips provide us with creative inspiration.
  • Intentional outings remove us from the daily stress of life, which often blocks creativity.
  • We get to experience the creativity of others and of God.

Guidelines for Adult Field Trips

In my effort to embrace field trips, there are a few tips I've discovered:

  • Bring snacks -- There's nothing worse than getting the hangries (hungry and angry) on an outing.
  • Bring water -- While I have no scientific research to prove it, my creativity is stunted when I am dehydrated.
  • Bring a camera -- Even if you're not going to use your pictures, snapping shots of your outing will give you a visual prompt when you go to create.
  • Be intentional -- Pick an outing that will be stimulating to you. If you're feeling blocked in a particular area, pick an adventure that will stimulate that subject.

Simply put, field trips are fun, and sometimes, we just need to play. 

I hope you will take a creative adventure soon. If you need some ideas, check back tomorrow for my next post, Fifty-Two Field Trips That Release Creativity.

Enjoy, Heidi

What was your favorite field trip as a kid? I'd love to hear in the comments below.